Pole Dancing

Pole dancing For Fitness - Not just for Strippers

What Is Pole Dancing?

Pole Dancing is a type of exercise which combines acrobatics, gymnastics and dance. Pole Dancing requires flexibility and upper body and core strength, as well as endurance. The moves include climbs, spins, inversions and limb grips, which amounts to a very versatile form of exercise.

Pole dance techniques are often combined with aerobics to improve your control and positioning on the pole, and making sure you are always getting the most of your workout.

Pole Dancing is today taught in gyms and dance studios across the world. Pole Dancing is gaining ground as a serious option for a fitness routine, and a welcome change to boring workouts.

Pole Dancing is a great workout because it improves your strength at the same time as it improves endurance. You see improvement quickly and it tones your entire body. It is estimated you can burn between 320 and 485 calories an hour. Because of the emphases put on arm and core work, you will build lean muscles. This will improve your metabolism and increase the amount of calories you burn at rest. In the long term, taking part in exercise like Pole Fitness can help keep your heart healthy, your bones strong, and can help prevent obesity by keeping your body active.

What Are the Benefits of Pole Dancing?

Pole Dancing enthusiasts report feeling great, no matter what weight or size they are, because Pole Dancing teaches them to do things with their bodies they didn’t think they would be able to do. A lot of people say that the most exciting part of pole fitness is that also say it makes them feel sexy and graceful whilst also improving their self.esteem.

People of all shapes, sizes, experience levels and athletic capabilities can practice Pole Dancing. You can start at any level and work your way up as quickly or as slowly as you need to. It is important that you are in the right physical condition to work out and that your doctor is approving you doing this sort of exercise. Many studios have defined classes at different levels of experience, so you can work with people of your same skill level and improve together.

What to Wear for Pole Dancing?

One of the keys to being able to do the moves correctly is getting the right amount of friction between your skin and the pole. For this reason, it is recommended you have as much skin exposure as possible and as you feel comfortable. Wear short shorts and a sleeve-less top. Many professionals also chose tops that expose their midriff as they can take advantage of the friction between their abdominal area and back and the pole for specific spinning moves. Because Pole Dancing has become so popular, there are many online stores that specialize in Pole Dancing training lines. Miss Hollywood has a large selection of Pole dancing clothes and accessorizes.

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