TIPJAR-708-7 Pleaser Tipjar Sexy Shoes with 7 Inch High Heels Sandals


£50.00 £65.00

TIPJAR-708-7 Sexy Shoes - Pleaser Sexy Shoes with 7 Inch high Heels, Features Sandals with Money Slot and Pink Glitter Butterfly Details by Pleaser Shoes Usa.

Heel Height/Platform: 7" Heel, 2 3/4" Platform

Colours available: Clear with Pink Butterfly

Sexy Footwear Manufactured in the Usa by Pleaser Shoes Usa

The Tipjar Range of Shoes isa fantasticway to store your Tips!! There is a Money Slot located on the side of the platform for easy deposit, and you can easily remove your tips by simply pulling the tab on the the insole. TheTreasure Chest Platform Shoeshave a similarconcept to the Tip Jar Shoesbut without the Money Slot on the platform. These Shoes have a hand compartment located on the insole, enabling to fill the Treasure shoes with anything! including Jewellery and Money.

Tipjar and Treasure Sexy shoes are also known as: Money Box Shoes, Tip Jar Shoes, Money Bank Shoes and Piggy Bank Shoes.

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