BEJEWELED-1024RSF-7 Pleaser Sexy Ankle Boots 7 Inch Heel, 2 3/4 Inch Platforms Sandals


  • £280.00

BEJEWELED-1024RSF-7 Pleaser Sexy Ankle Boots - Pleaser Sexy Boots with 7"(17.75cm) Heel, 2 3/4"(7cm) Platform Open Toe/Heel Fringe Ankle Boot Featuring 3-Layer Chrome Plated, Simulated Rhinestone Fringe and Rhinstones Encrusted Entire Platform Bottom, Inside Zip Closure by Pleaser Shoes.

Colour Available: Clear/Silver

Boots Heel Height/Platform: 7" Heel, 2 3/4" Platform

Sexy Boots Manufactured by Pleaser Shoes USA

Relevant Keywords: Pleasers, Bling Platforms, Sexy Boots, Exotic Boots, Blinded up Boots, Rhinestones Boots

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