ASPIRE-608 Sexy Pole Dancing High Heel Shoes w Ankle Straps


  • £55.00

ASPIRE-608 Sexy Pole Dancing High Heel Shoes - Sexy Sandals with a 6 Inch (15.25cm) High Heel and a 2 1/4 Inch (6cm) Platform, Vegan Leather Comfortable Insole Sandals, with Clear Ankle Strap Featuring Vegan Leather Insole, by Pleaser Shoes Usa

Colour Available: Black/Clear, Black Patent, Clear

Heel Height/Platform: 6" (15.25cm) Heel and a 2 1/4" (6cm) Platform

Sexy Aspire Shoes are Vegan Friendly range of Shoes with a Wider Foot bed to aid in the comfort for hours of Pole dancing, They have a bigger Platform Base and a wider Heel To provide more balance and stability, The increased Platform Height of The Aspire Footwear range aids a lesser Dramatic Arch and Less Calf Muscle Strain and are manufactured by Pleaser Usa

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