Things to consider when looking for Pole Dancing Shoes

Things to consider when looking for Pole Dancing Shoes


The Height of The Sexy Shoes is an important factor to consider when choosing your perfect pair of Pole Dancing Shoes.

The first difficulty you may come into when you slip on your first pair of Pole Dancing Shoes is the walking. Many girls feel that the 6, 7 or 8 Inch Heels are too high for starting out, Girls feel that they would like to start off with a lower Heel Pole Dancing Shoe but it is important not to focus on the heel height of the Sexy Shoe itself, it is important to review the height of the heel in proportion to the Height of the Platforms! whilst the Shoe will be  Higher off the ground, the foot will be at a better resting position than typical non-platform High Heels.

It is important to look at the heel thickness and design of the Sexy Shoes you are considering purchasing. Square heels are usually widder and more stable than the slim stilettos for example, the wider heels are good for initial training if you are getting accustomed to the height.


To get used to wearing your New Pole Dancing Shoes and improve the fit and comfort of them you can walk around at Home, do some ironing, a little housework, because the more you wear them, then the more natural they will feel.

You may also wish to just get used to the feel of the Shoes by simply just walking around the pole.


When selecting the style of Pole Dancing Shoes it is important to remember that you need to be mindful of what you will be wearing the Shoes for. For example a rhinestone encrusted pole dancing shoe is very popular but it is important to remember that if you are wearing the Pole Dancing Shoes for regular practice rather than for shows or competitions you can expect to lose some of the stones. 

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