Pole Dancing Shoes - Glitter with Unicorn Shape Heel

Miss Hollywood are Super Excited to promote Pleaser Shoes exclusive range of Unicorn Pole Dancing Sandals and Ankle Boots.

These gorgeous Unicorn Stripper Shoes are available in a UK Size 2 - 8 and have a stunning Ombre Glitter Unicorn Effect High Heel with a 2 3/4 Inch Platform The Unicorn Ankle boots have Clear Uppers and a Zip up the inner side with an adjustable Lace up the back. The Sexy Sandals have Ankle Straps.

UNICORN-708T 7 Inch High Heel Unicorn Platform Stripper Shoes UNICORN-708T Sexy Clear Sandals Stripper Sandals with Ankle Straps https://www.poledancingshoes.co.uk/products/unicorn-708mg-sexy-unicorn-uv-rainbow-ombre-glitter-heel-pole-dancing-glitter-platform-shoes?  Sexy Glitter Heels Unicorn Pole Dancing Shoes  UNICORN-711 Pole Dancing Shoes with Unicorn High Heels https://www.poledancingshoes.co.uk/products/unicorn-711t-sexy-unicorn-ombre-glitter-heel-pole-dancing-tinted-platform-shoes Sexy Pole Dancing Shoes Unicorn High Heels  Ankle Boots with Unicorn High Heels


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  • Im loving these new style of Unicorn Glitter Heels. Can you please let me know when I can buy them?

    Anna Johnstone

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