Stripping for Beginners

Stripping Guide For Beginners

A few Tips for a first time pole dancer

  1. So your Perspex Shoes are a little tight? heres a tip to get your Clear plastic stripper shoes to fit, use a hair dryer to heat up the perspex material. The heat will help the sexy shoes to mold to the shape of your foot.
  2. As a first time pole dancer I would recommend that you wear Sexy Shoes with straps. Every pole dancer has a story of hitting a customer in the face with her sexy strapless shoe. If you’re having trouble pulling on stubborn, tight shoes, a little baby powder will help
  3. Shave with oil rather than cream—you’ll be less prone to angry red bumps.
  4. Keep your skin supple with Epsom salts baths, Epsom Salt Baths are amazing for aiding in toxin removal and weight loss
  5. Avoid body lotion! - unless you feel like turning the pole into a slippery lube tube.
  6. Dancers take home a lot of tips during their time of the month!  

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