Sexy Shoes Posing Comp High Heels FAQS

Posing Shoes FAQS

Here are a List of FAQs of our Sexy Posing Comp Clear Shoes
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FAQ: How can I customize the fit of my shoes?

Posing Comp Plastic shoes stretch when worn and, because of their ability to easily change shape, they can be molded to your feet. Personalizing your shoes by molding them will improve the fit and comfort of them, so that you will be more comfortable on stage. Plastic shoes can be softened with a hair dryer and then worn to mold to the unique shape of your foot. Be sure not to put the shoe on immediately after blow-drying, because the plastic will be warm. If your shoes have stretched too much from use, you can use the blow dryer to soften the shoe, so that it can revert back to its original shape.

FAQ: How high should the heel be?

Five inches is the preferred heel height for Fitness and physique competitions; however, if you are not comfortable walking in this heel height, it can make you appear awkward on stage and also decrease your confidence while posing. The most important part of choosing your shoe is practice. You should be practicing in your shoes for a good few months in advance, so if you are initially uncomfortable in the 5-inch. heels, you will be fluid and confident in them on the day of your competition. The higher heel will increase the flex in your calf and elongate your leg, which is ideal for improving the appearance of your physique.

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Clear shoes are the ideal choice for Fitness and physique competitions; in fact, they are the only suitable choice. The clear shoe will “disappear” on stage, making your leg appear longer, while a solid-colored shoe will make your legs look shorter by sharply cutting the end of your leg where the shoe starts. The clear shoe also gives the illusion that your foot is an extension of the leg, further increasing the elongated affect.Shoes can have some sparkle, such as rhinestones, but you must be careful not to overdue the glitz, as this can distract the judges from your physique. The right amount of rhinestones, however, can make you stand out above the other competitors and be noticed by the judges. If you prefer Shoes with a bit of Bling - Check out the following Link - Bling Shoes
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