UKBFF Clear Bikini Posing Comp Shoes


Rules state: 

That Clear Shoes with Clear High heels should be worn, The Posing Shoe style may be at the competitor’s discretion for example you can choose if you wish to have a Slip on Shoe or a Shoe with an Ankle Strap.

The Sole thickness should be no greater than 6.35 millimeters (¼”); stiletto height will be no greater than 127 millimeters (5”).

Heels with a Platform (platforms) will be strictly prohibited by the federation.

 Our Gala-01 Shoes are the most popular Shoes worn by UKBFF Posing Competitors

The Federation can be contacted on the following:

U.K.B.F.F. Ltd.

P.O. Box 231, Waterloo

Liverpool, L22 9WW

Phone us:

+44 (0)151 931 4090


Email us us:


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